Prof. Manasseh Nshuti, Chairman, Board of Promoter and the Assoc. Dean, Language Studies presenting the English Proficiency Certificate to the Best Performing student.

The Center for Modern Languages is a Unit of the University of Kigali which is responsible for regulation of language use at the university. The Center offers services to UoK students, Staff and the general public.

All students of the University of Kigali are offered English Language courses during their first year of study to help them get acquainted with English Language since its the medium of instruction at this University

Online Language Testing

There course that are offered to the University Staff, Post Graduate Students and Public including; English for Business Purposes/ English for Occupation Purposes, TEOFL, TOIEC, TFL, etc.

The Center will soon start to offer other languages training for ; French, Chinese, Kiswahiri and Kinyarwanda. All classes are tailored on the students immediate needs and free time.

We know that the majority of our clients are working. Therefore, most classes are conducted during Evening and Weekend. Special arrangements are made for those who are able to find free time during lunch time.